Where’s My Water?


Where’s My Water was a hit game we developed at Disney Mobile. It’s a water based physic puzzler that was downloaded over 200 million times! We designed and built it in 6 months. It also won an Apple Design Award in 2012. It was #1 on the Apple AppStore, Google Play Store, and Amazon AppStore on multiple occasions.

On top of contributing to the overall design of the the game, my two main focuses on Where’s My Water were writing the water physics and rendering code along with building the skeletal animation system that allowed us to have 40+ animations for each character. This system was based on the Adobe Flash armature. It wasn’t very easy to work with due to the limitation of the armature, but it got the job done. The engine components operated on data exported from Flash but the exporter was very finicky. If I were to make a Flash based exporter again, I’d definitely not rely on.

The engine for this game was a custom built 2D, C++ engine that ran on Android and iOS. It ended up supporting 3 other titles as well!

Platform: iOS, Android, ( LG TVs, Windows Phone developed externally with using original code base )

Links: facebook | download | video

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Games