Where’s My Perry?


Where’s My Perry was our follow up title to Where’s My Water.  Where’s My Perry was featured by Apple and hit #1 across all app stores. It was made in the same engine as Where’s My Water at the same time as we were updating Where’s My Water. The total development time for Where’s My Perry was about 3.5 months. This included developing a completely new set of supporting mechanics. Where’s My Perry also included fully animated cut scenes.

The animations for Where’s My Perry ran off of the same Flash based system I had built for Where’s My Water. However, Where’s My Perry had much higher demands. For example, the animated cut scenes required multiple characters with props attached to their rigs. The current system could not support that. So I spent the majority of development making the animation system more robust as well as optimizing it. Each character in Where’s My Perry had 60+ animations. By the time Where’s My Perry came out, we no longer needed to squeeze the game into a 20 MB download, like we did with Where’s My Water, so this gave us some room to add more.

Platforms:  iOS, Android, ( LG TVs, Windows Phone developed externally with using original code base )

Links: download | video

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Games