Where’s My Water? 2

wmw2-iconWhere’s My Water? 2 was the free-to-play sequel to Where’s My Water? This game aggregated all of the different character level types as well as added two new modes: challenge mode and Duck Rush. Challenge mode was a new way to play levels with different goals. Duck rush was a level type where the player was tasked with getting a bunch of water through a sort of obstacle course with a forced scrolling camera. Water 2 had full Facebook integration where your progress and avatar were shown on your friends’ maps.

My role on the project was to integrate and generalize the animation system written for Where’s My Mickey? The new animation system allowed the team to bring  life to six different locations in the world. On top of this, I helped to optimize both performance and memory usage. I also spent some time helping to finish up the Android version of the game. Most of this involved performance optimization and bug fixing.

Platforms: iOS and Android ( Windows Phone developed externally using original code base )

Links: download (iOS) | download (google) | download (amazon) | video

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Games