Where’s My Mickey?


Where’s My Mickey? was a second derivative title based on Where’s My Water? This game introduced a cloud game mechanic and episodic content. Since it was built in conjunction with the new Mickey shorts on Disney Channel, the animation quality had to be on par with the cartoons.

My role on the team was to expand the animation system in the Walaber engine to support animation data coming from the Toon Boom animation engine. Both titles before this one used animations authored in Adobe Flash but the constraints of that system would not have allowed this game to be made. Where’s My Mickey? had two full rigged characters with hundreds of animations each. Because there was so much more data, I had to write a pipeline for incrementally exporting animations and merging them with the super set as well.

Platforms: iOS and Android ( Windows Phone developed externally using original code base )

Links: download (iPhone) | download (iPad) | video

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Games