Stack Rabbit

stackrabbit-iconStack Rabbit is a free-to-play match 3 game starring the Ben the Rabbit. You play as Ben, taking vegetables from a farm and stacking them on your head to help feed all of your nieces and nephews. Your stack could only hold a certain number of vegetables and matches were made within your stack. Each level was a new challenge and you had to beat each level in order to progress to the next. Stack Rabbit had full Facebook integration where you could give carrots ( energy ) to your friends as well as see their progress on your map.

I came on board this project as the Lead Engineer to help get the first update out the door and plan and implement the second update. I mostly worked on performance optimization and bug fixes. Stack Rabbit was one of the first games our studio shipped in Unity3D game engine.

Platforms: iOS and Android ( Windows Phone developed externally using original code base )

Links: download (iOS) | download (google) | download (amazon) | video

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Games