JellyCar 3


JellyCar 3 is the third installment to a casual game series created by Tim FitzRandolph. It is also the first commercial game I worked on. The first one was created solo by Tim, released for free, and was quite the hit with over 6 million downloads on the iTunes App Store. The second one was picked up by Disney and released for $0.99.

This was my first game working for Disney Mobile. Since the tech team was made up of only Tim and I, I had to touch almost all parts of the code. I started off with UI work, as is often the case with programmers new to an engine or framework. From there, I went to gameplay support tasks like writing code for non-core gameplay elements (the car editor/selector), SDK integration (Game Center, Facebook, In-App purchase, Push Notification, etc.) and core-tech (reusable UI Widgets, batch drawing system). Being part of such a small team, I also played a supporting role in some design decisions, though the core of the game was designed and implemented before I ever came on.JellyCar 3 was to take out all of the extraneous stuff from JellyCar 2 and refocus on making the controls better and the core game more fun. JellyCar 3 is a simple game with deep gameplay.

Platform: iOS

Links: facebook | download | video

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 Games